EV Tradin’ Post Tips — Following the EV Tradin’ Post

I work to make it so that the EV Tradin’ Post ads go where you spend your time.  There are several ways to follow the site and receive notice of the ads in the tools that you most likely have open most of the time.

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You can subscribe to any section via email.  The site sends you a message when an ad is posted or updated in that section.  Click on the “Notify me when new ads are submitted in this category” link that will appear when you visit any category of the site.

EVTradinPost Email Notification Link


The site generates “Latest 20” RSS feeds for all of the sections that you can subscribe to in your favorite news reader.  The links for the feeds appear in the lower footer and will change depending on the category you are in.  There is a site-wide “Latest 20 ads” link that will appear throughout the site and then each category has its own that appears next to it.

EV Tradin' Post - Latest 20 Ads


I maintain EVTradinpost specific profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and post the new or renewed ads there as I approve them on the site.  The links to the profiles appear in the persistent footer bar.  You can also use the links on the right side of this bar to share the site, a category or a specific ad out to your own network if you choose.

EV Tradin' Post Social Links

If you are interested, the accounts for the EVTradinpost are:

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/evtradin
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/evtradinpost
Google+ :  https://plus.google.com/109466759072367568412

If you want to follow me (Aaron Choate) you can use the links that appear on the right of this site or:

Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/aaronchoate
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/aaronchoate
Google+ :  https://plus.google.com/107857703930626385512

The EV Tradin’ Post Website:


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  1. Wish there was a way to track selling prices of EVs on the Trading Post. Would make it easier for those of us who are debating trading up to decide whether to put our rigs up if we know what the ultimate selling price would likely be. Just a thought…

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