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Catching up from the weekend

Good morning! I’m back from a great weekend offline and catching up on EVTradin’Post listings.  I have a fresh set of new posts getting approved shortly. Hope your weeks go well! /Aaron


EV Tradin’ Post Tips — Alerting to potential scammers

On occasion, scammers will attempt to trick the people who post ads on the EV Tradin’ Post into sending them money.  I have enabled captchas on the site to help reduce the amount of spam our users get, but some of these guys can be pretty persistent. I will include Mike’s Chancey’s original […]

EV Tradin' Post Screenshot

EV Tradin’ Post Tips — Following the EV Tradin’ Post

I work to make it so that the EV Tradin’ Post ads go where you spend your time.  There are several ways to follow the site and receive notice of the ads in the tools that you most likely have open most of the time.  


Updated EVTradinpost website

I manage the EVTradin’post, a classifieds site for the electric car/vehicle community. The site has been around for a while and has desperately needed a refresh for some time. Well… it has been a while coming and I still have some features I want to develop around the core data. […]


Chevy Fast and Fuel Efficient

Thanks to Chevy, I experienced something completely new that got me excited enough to brave traffic from Central Austin to San Marcos during rush hour on a Thursday. I was invited to participate in and blog about the Chevy Fast and Fuel Efficient driver/blogger challenge. The stakes? The winning team […]

National Plug-In day

AustinEV worked with the Sierra Club to host the Austin National Plug-In day get together. We were really excited to get the turnout that we did. We had a good showing of home built vehicles from the club as well as production cars from the Nissan Leaf owners and the […]


Seamless computing demo

Saw this in Robert Scoble’s feed. This kind of demo really makes me excited about the future of user interface…


Happy 4th!

If we can’t have fireworks, at least we can have yummy themed desserts! Made by carabou of course.


iphone keeping track of location

Cool! And perhaps just a tad bit creepy. Got an iPhone or 3G iPad? Apple is recording your moves


Car2Go electric cars to debut… elsewhere

Hmmmph – I want the electric cars in our Car2go program here in Austin! car2go launches in Hamburg, Amsterdam to follow